Long Term Care: The Novel



In 2010 estate taxes are eliminated. This means that an estate valued at eighteen and a half million dollars would be worth seven million dollars more if the holder died in 2010 than if he died in 2009. In many books seven million dollars is enough to kill for. In this story it’s enough to make a dead person live. 

Wealthy Joseph Benson’s sole relatives are his brother Ben, and Ben’s three offspring. All are huge disappointments except for the youngest, Josie, a struggling young mother whose choice in marriage led to a major misunderstanding. 

Josie’s brother, Bradley Benson, is cursed with the need for money. The one who can supply this need refuses either to share his wealth or to die. Yet when this rich uncle has a life threatening stroke, Bradley’s desperation becomes despair… until he devises a plan.

                 Can decadency be deprived? Will decency be denied?

Alexa, a beautiful young bank auditor, is on the trail of account irregularities at the bank headed by Bradley, the conniving nephew.

               Will Alexa be side-tracked by a handsome, wealthy bank lawyer?

                           Will justice prevail... or will Bradley’s plan work?