Long Term Care: The Novel

Sally Sapp Olson
Sally Sapp Olson has lived in the Deep South for most of her life. She received an undergraduate degree from Winthrop University, Rock Hill SC and the M.A. in Zoology from Duke University. After marriage, she and her husband made their home in Rock Hill SC.

Her occupations have been the raising of three children and the teaching of biology at Winthrop University.

Come visit me at http://eclecticinterests.blogspot.com/ .  This blogspot has some short summaries of useful biological research results – and a collection of pictures of my family. This grandmother loves to show-off her grands!

http://www.Litany.com is the WEB site of John B. Olson – whom I can proudly call my son.

John has written a number of science fiction and fantasy books – a good choice for him as he is a biochemist as well as a talented writer.

Click on over to his site and be introduced to Oxygen, The Fifth Man, Adrenaline, Fossil Hunter and my personal favorite creepy novel, Shade.  And coming out the first of December is Powers.

Randy Ingermanson is a non-relative writing friend. He and my son, John, co-authored Oxygen and The Fifth Man. In addition he has published a number of other fiction and non-fiction books. Take a look at his zany Web Page:  http://www.ingermanson.com/